In this Yoga Profiles section you will find online Yoga personalities like Nina Mel, as people with some specific important contributions to the Yoga community, or simply stunning inspiring Yoga teachers or practitioners.

This article is dedicated to Nina Mel, a very beautiful Russian Yoga teacher, with an amazing flexible body, who shared dozens of free online photos that can be reused by people working with Yoga multimedia content.

Who is Nina Mel

Nina Mel was born as Nina Meleshkina in Volgograd, Southern Russia. She moved to Moscow for her university studies, where she acquired a Ph.D. in Psychology over the years. Now she lives in New York, as a writer, author, psychologist, Yoga teacher, and meditation expert.

Before moving to New York, Nina was a Yoga teacher at her N-Code Yoga studio in Moscow, between 2009 and 2014. Nina is a member of the Yoga Aliance since 2011. While in school, she practiced yoga by herself, but never considered or intended to teach it…

Years ago, Nina had a serious accident in a swimming pool, and for a while she couldn’t do any physical exercise anymore. She couldn’t sit at the computer, but she had time to study all sorts of alternative therapies: herbs, acupressure, essential oils, crystals, energy work, and Reiki. That’s when she understood the influence of different energy vibrations on the physical and subtle bodies and the effect of asana’s energy lines.

Nina MelMy biggest inspiration in life is my husband, whose patience, support and love inspires me every day to be a better person, to grow in every aspect of my self-expression and who teaches me the most important lessons I need to learn.

That’s not always easy but definitely most rewarding.

Nina Mel created the N-Code Yoga Practice approach, which is a mix of Hatha Yoga with electrophysiology, geomagnetism, neuro-electrodynamics and modern research on intention. For those with no time to attend yoga studios, Nina specialized in the creation of tailored programs called Individual Asana Codes. She is today the author of several books on Yoga and alternative therapies.

In May-June 2012, Nina appeared on the cover of the Russian edition of Yoga Journal. One year later, she’s been featured as “teacher of the month” in the English edition of Yoga Journal.

Not long after, she explains in Elephant Journal why she quit the Yoga business, after spending 27 days – without a phone or the Internet – isolated in a closed spiritual retreat.

It seems Nina gradually got rid of her previous personal website, and only her Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, used years ago for the last time, are still there.

Four lovely Yoga videos from her Vimeo account

Impressive Nina at work:

  • YogArts – where she had fun climbing and making yoga moves by the art installations at Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada. Recorded by Elena Kulikova.
  • Desert Yoga – recorded and edited by Elena Kulikova Photography.
  • Yoga with Nina Mel – “beauty, grace, flexibility, equanimity and strength” (in one of the comments).
  • Yoga with Nina Mel 2 – Energy Earthing® and Yoga Intention® are the basis of her N-Code Yoga Self-Practice.

Free Asana Photos with Nina Mel

In 2013, Nina graciously asked a student of hers (Alexey Baykov) to help her post and share dozens of her Yoga Asana photos on Wikimedia Commons. This means most of the pictures you may find here below, or at this Wikimedia history page, can be used for free for your own Yoga needs, even commercial websites or products, provided you link back to their original source and give due credit to their author.

Click on any thumbnail to enter a slideshow with the large 600×600 px photos:

Yoga for Beginners – a Book with Nina Mel

Yoga for Beginners - with Nina Mel135 pages, by Erica Hegarty.
Published in 2016.
Digital Kindle format.
Buy from Amazon for just US $1!

Yes, this is Nina Mel on the cover. And no, she has nothing else to do with the book itself. Erica (the author) likely doesn’t know Nina, and Nina doesn’t know Erica.

This is a great example how useful some free Asana photos, made by a great Yoga model, are for the Yoga community. How other people may use them with their own textual content.

Erica used some other free CC3 (Creative Commons 3.0) photos as well, but the vast majority are with Nina Mel. Last 3 pages of the book are filled with links to the shared published pictures, as required by this type of license.

The book itself is not bad at all – I strongly advise you to pay the required $1 for its Kindle edition (it is worth way more). The few chapters at the beginning talk about Yoga as a lifestyle, including a proper diet and modern health issues.

Then several typical Hatha Yoga positions are illustrated and discussed in detail. The book ends with several recommended Yoga sequences. And this is where I missed some photos, linked with each sequence pose.

A Yoga Class with Nina Mel

Here is how a N-Code Yoga Studio class, with Nina teacher, looked like:

Another Set of Free Yoga Photos with Nina Mel

The same Wikimedia Commons page presented before has extra “non-standard” (not in the red costume) beautiful photos, exposed in the album below:

Nina Mel on Pinterest

Over the years, Nina shared other lovely photos of hers on Pinterest. Here is a limited selection of these pictures:

Nina Mel about True Desire

And I’ll end-up with beautiful Nina Mel talking about Yoga and spirituality, with her lovely Russian accent:

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